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Today more and more people are hearing these phrases “Health Equity” and “Health Equality.” But what are they and what do they mean for you?

Health equity and health equality do not mean the same thing.  Equality means giving everyone the same thing, whereas equity means giving people what they need to reach their best health.

At ZGO, we value health equity and believe that everyone should have the resources they need to have the best quality of life.  That is why our products are premium and organic.  We have painstaking worked to find the best suppliers who have rigorous processes in place to ensure you receive the purest forms of CBD.  They take as much pride as we do in our products.

Health equality often gets mistaken for health equity.  Health equality is the distribution of the same quality resources and opportunities to every individual across a population. Equality, on the contrary, is the distribution of resources and opportunities according to one’s own needs.  In other words, as a ZGO VIP customer, our Coaches engage with you on wholistic health discussions to help you stay informed about total wellness and well-being.

By: blackfin