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Our Story


Zen Garden Organics, LLC is a woman-of-color owned business, established in July 2019 after a year of researching the best organic, CBD products on the market. After evaluating the essence of various types of products, our aim was to create a high quality, broad spectrum brand that is trusted among consumers and the industry. Once we completed our research, we knew we had the best processing information, the best Food and Drug Administration information, and the best growers to create our world class brand. We follow the manufacturing process from seed to sale to ensure the purest processes and quality assurance is consistent all the way through.

ZGO, LLC is a privately held online health and wellness retail company.

Read more about our research and health and wellness on our Blog page.

With decades of experience in business and strategic operations, we’ve built an amazing team of dedicated professionals who are super excited to be working for Zen Garden Organics. Our leadership team includes an advisory group of business consultants with over 30 years of combined experience in the health and wellness industry.

In addition, our staff include our CEO and our CBD Expert Consultants. We also work very closely with our suppliers, order assemblers, product handlers and product developers. We also work very closely with our suppliers, order assemblers, product handlers and product developers.

Our system of vertical integration secures our supply chain and almost guarantees the availability of our products. This eliminates the company’s dependence on other suppliers and manufacturers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people reach a state of Nirvana by providing natural and safe products that bring good health, a sense of calm, peace, love of self and others, and an overall sense of real happiness and hope.

Our Vision

At Zen Garden Organics, it is our belief that ALL that we need to live healthy, vibrant lives has already been provided to us by nature. Our vision of a harmonious world is one where we vibrate at higher anabolic energy levels. It’s a matter of discovering the natural, organic, and exquisite algorithms of the Universe (earth, fire, sun, water, and spirit) which bring us Quintessence, the fifth element, the life force.

Our Values



Choice is the availability of options and the freedom to choose. We support the empowerment, the freedom, and the expansion of choices for all people. We provide our customers the availability of options and the freedom to choose.


Wisdom is the application of knowledge and the discernment of sound decisions that illuminate our paths. We believe in and seek the wise counsel of our ancestors to help us apply knowledge and discernment and enlighten our spirits.


Creativity is the connection of diverse pieces and patterns in whole new ways to deliver something new and yet familiar. We put our creative flow into all aspects of ZGO and are constantly improving, inventing, and transforming for better.


Grace is the stride of calm, ease, and boldness at which we show up in the universe around us. We are confident in our product, our processes, and in our service. We elegantly and graciously deliver the best customer care.


Gratitude is the humbleness we feel as we acknowledge “there, but for the grace of the Creator, go we.” True greatness is born when we stand in solidarity to right the wrongs done to those of us who are marginalized, oppressed, and discriminated against. We are grateful to be a part of the change we seek.


Health is the essence of life force and the vitality of wellness. Health is the foundation of our mission. We believe in the energy of the Universe to provide us with natural and organic life-sustaining harvests.